Carpet Cleaning Myths Dispelled

There are numerous mistaken beliefs concerning carpeting cleaning that have stayed throughout the years, in spite of the advancement of modern-day technology. Right here we list some of the prominent misconceptions with the reasons they are not applicable today.

Myth 1 “Wait as long as possible before cleaning a carpet since the much more you clean it, the quicker it gets dirty”

Not true due to the fact that dust is rough so each time you step on the rug, dirt is ground into the carpet fibers, damaging the rug. An unclean rug will certainly need replacing prior to a tidy rug will. Vacuuming alone will certainly not keep a rug free from grease as well as great grains that add to breaking the carpeting.

Myth 2 “You just require to clean up a carpet when it looks dirty”

Not actually – you would clean garments once they have actually been put on, even if they look tidy. The same relates to carpets – air consists of plant pollens, fungis, microorganisms and air pollution such as cigarette smoke, auto exhaust fumes as well as hundreds of other chemicals. Your hair, skin, clothing and footwear can move these from outdoors to wind up in your carpet.

Allergies and also breathing difficulties can be worsened by pollens, fungis and also chemicals in your carpeting.

Misconception 3 “All cleansing techniques have the same result”

There are 2 key techniques, completely dry cleaning or hot water extraction.

( a) dry cleaning (this is not like dry cleansing clothes since all carpeting cleansing techniques make use of water in one form or one more, whether dry-foam, dry-chemical or completely dry substance techniques are utilized).

With dry foam, your rug is shampooed and also enabled to dry, complied with by a vacuuming to remove the foam and any type of adhered dirt. This antique technique is least reliable and also can leave a soil-attracting deposit in the carpet.

The completely dry chemical approach is similar to completely dry foam yet a rotary machine is fitted with a towel to massage the carpeting as well as soak up the dust. It is the matching of someone utilizing an area cleaner as well as towel however on a bigger scale. This approach also falls short to achieve a deep clean and can additionally damage rug fibers.

These dry-cleaning approaches can be ample for keeping lightly dirtied carpets.

The completely dry compound technique spreads an absorptive substance over the carpeting, which is then cleaned into the carpet fibers by equipment to soak up dirt right into the combination. When dry, a vacuum is made use of to get rid of the compound, just like the dry foam technique yet even more efficient at removing dirt and also deposits. This is referred to as the HOST Dry Rug Cleaner System which is suggested by over 70 carpet mills as well as is one of the most prominent carpeting dry-cleaning technique in Europe.

( b) hot water removal (or ‘heavy steam cleansing’ although this summary is inaccurate).

A hot water cleaning remedy is high-pressured into then removed from the rug fibres by an effective machine. Its deep cleansing action completely passes through every fibre, extracting nearly all the moisture pumped right into the carpet, together with soil as well as residues, for the most effective clean.

The world’s biggest rug maker recommends warm water removal. Warm water will not damage the rug – that’s an additional misconception! Cleaning as well as washing carpetings with warm water is one of the most reliable means of cleansing – as with bathing, laundry or cleaning the recipes.

Myth 4 “Any individual with the right devices can do the work”

Of course this is not the instance. Training and also experience are likewise important. Lots of cleaning business own hot-water cleaners but some workers have little or no training and also some owner-operators do not know just how to use them correctly. Therefore, it is essential to select a rug cleaning company wisely.

Inspect that the business and also on-site operators have actually been fully trained as well as accredited by the Prochem Training School or the National Rug Cleansers Organization.

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